As Northerners, we are probably closer to our environment than most Canadians. We understand the need to ensure we recognize how important it is to protect our environment and be sure we practice sustainable development. What we need is a Federal government committed to the environment.

We have a Conservative government that has no sense of the environment and a Liberal opposition that did nothing on environmental issues when they were in government.

The Conservatives refuse to invest in clean energy or get tough on big polluters, and they are running away from Canada’s international climate change commitments. Meanwhile, the Conservative government continues the Liberal legacy of using taxpayer dollars to subsidize the profitable oil and gas industry.

The NDP have practical solutions to protect our environment. Our Green Agenda for Canada would conserve energy, cut polluting emissions, attract green investment and create jobs.

  • Greener Homes – Cut emissions and home energy bills by making Canadian homes the most energy-efficient on the planet.
  • Greener Communities – Support local governments, businesses and agencies to expand local renewable energies and retrofit infrastructure for efficiency.
  • Greener Transportation – Cut emissions through mandatory fuel efficiency standards, an ambitious green car strategy and investment in sustainable transportation alternatives.
  • Greener Industry – Shift subsidies from dirty energy to clean energy, and ensure that industry accepts its fair share of responsibility for cutting greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Greener Canada & World – Enact proposals to green up government itself while working with international partners to secure our common future.

Here in Northern Manitoba we need a major national initiative to promote ecotourism and we need support for traditional environmentally friendly economic activities. We have to recognize that environmental protection is critical to a growing number of Canadians, particularly young people. We need to ensure the North becomes a model of sustainability for Canada.