We often talk about young people being our future but they are also our here and now. We need action on youth concerns and we need it now!

Here in Northern Manitoba we have one of the youngest populations in the country and yet many young people are saying they feel their concerns are being ignored.

In Parliament there are fewer young MP’s today than there were 25 years ago. At a time when so many young Canadians are risking their lives and dying in Afghanistan there are few if any MPs of their generation speaking out in Parliament.

We need to connect to young people and start acting on their concerns. We need:

More recreational facilities and programs for young people. In many communities there is little or nothing in the way of recreational facilities or programs.

Support for drop-in centres.

A major increase in funding for First Nations schools to bring their funding in line with provincial schools.

Support for school facilties such as a new Elementary school for St Theresa Point, a high school for Gods Lake Narrows and renewed facilities for Frontier school in Cranberry Portage.

Federal support for University College of the North. Our young population is a huge asset. They need more access to education and training to access the many job opportunities that are available in Northern Manitoba.

The NDP has always raised youth issues in Parliament. Niki Ashton is in a unique position of being able to raise youth issues in Parliament if elected.