The University College of the North is a dream come true for Northerners and it is one of the NDP’s greatest legacies in Northern Manitoba.

For years, we have dreamt of having our own post-secondary institution that can offer college and university programs and degrees. The UCN builds on the success of New Careers, Access programs, BUNTEP, the Social Work program, Inter Universities North, and Keewatin Community College.

The funding for the UCN is virtually entirely from the Provincial NDP government. The only Federal funding is from the additional money for post-secondary education added to the 2005 Federal budget because of the NDP. The provincial NDP government has announced a major capital commitment to build new facilities. The Federal government must support:

  • New Facilities
  • More student support
  • New programs

Our vision for post-secondary education has to be nothing less than to ensure that Northerners have the opportunity to take their post-secondary education here in Northern Manitoba.